Iraq paid off $ 9 billion of receivables foreign oil companies

Twilight News / Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced that Iraq pay $ 9 billion of foreign oil companies operating as a share of its planned 2014.

Said Abdul-Mahdi in through his statement in the social networking site (Facebook) that "the Iraqi oil sector to achieve more successes despite all the financial difficulties and the deterioration of oil prices, security, social and economic conditions and disorders that affect everyone, and the Oil Ministry with the assistance of the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank support Prime Minister to pay nine billion dollars for the rest of 2014 dues to oil companies. "

He added that he was "the payment of the first quarter of 2015 dues and work to repay the second chapter in these days and the third quarter will be repaid by the end of the year and, as usual, will be repaid after the submission of the fourth quarter costs at the beginning of 2016."

He explained that Iraq "Atdarc with foreign oil companies and means of reducing costs and linking oil price fluctuations for the benefit of the parties at higher prices or bear their burdens when they fall together."