Dabbas. Exploiting demonstrations ltamtamh files corruption. $ 150 thousand dollars!
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 11:15 am

Revealed certain information about the existence of significant funding, paid to exploit the demonstrations in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.
Information confirmed that of the leading funders of these demonstrations is the owner of the channel here Baghdad businessman known space Fadel Al-Dabbas.
The "Dabbas mall demonstrations in the amount of $ 150,000 so far, and the budget remains open."
She stated that "there are secret meetings take place in the presence of Dabbas and some powerful businessmen and owners of anti-Government satellite channels in Britain and America."
She explained that the "ongoing meetings, is to obtain approval by them to support protesters with huge sums to derail demonstration and exploitation for personal benefits and try to ltamtamh profiles convicted."
She noted that "support for the protests and Dabbas are to Cardamine events derailed the real fear of incriminating files on terrorism and his involvement in the bombings.
The rest will be revealed.