Urgent. The dismissal of Al-fahdawi. And the integration of the electricity Ministry, Ministry of oil!
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 01:04 pm

Well-informed Government sources said that the Cabinet would sack any Minister Qasim al-fahadawi, at its next meeting, at the time considered the parliamentary Finance Committee postpone questioning "dereliction" in fighting corruption, noting that new reforms would include integrating the 12 ministries with each other, which aroused, and continues to be, the controversy between political blocs in Parliament, which demanded the observance of electoral benefits in the new cab, part of the "austerity", did not affect services, some of which came out of the legal framework, predicted the President's inability to Ministers continue to conduct reforms, before addressing the security situation in the country.
In turn, the Prime Minister's Office confirmed Monday, bend 4,000 jobs from directors and advisers and Secretaries and chairpersons of the criteria and guidelines established by the Committee on government reform.
Well-informed sources from within the Office of the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on new reforms include the dismissal of electricity Minister Qasim al-fahadawi "within two days", at the time said the Finance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies, today, to Parliament for questioning Al-fahdawi of the current 25.
The sources said the new reforms would include "the integration of the Ministry of planning with finance, electricity and oil, in addition to the Ministry of water resources, agriculture, transport and communications, and merge the ministries of education and higher education, and sports with the Ministry of labour".
The sources said that the Government was trying to pressure the Government, reduce flaccid.