High budget deficit of 23 to 53 trillion dinars

Parliamentary Finance Committee announced that the real deficit in the federal budget for the current year amounted to 53 trillion dinars after the fall in world oil prices. He said committee member Majda al-Tamimi said, "adopted in the General Budget Law deficit is 23 trillion dinars, but now, according to current accounts and lower oil prices in the global market, the deficit reached 53 trillion dinars." She explained, "That means that more than half of the public budget for the current year 2015 is the real deficit is not planned." Tamimi called on to "the need to be planning and construction of the general budget according to the price of a pessimistic prices do not optimistic," according to its expression. And it restored to recall that "the general budget for the current year was built first on the price of $ 70 per barrel of oil then reduced to $ 60, and we intercepted it and then we suggested $ 50, and then we launched on the budget as a fake budget because it is ink on paper was not asking price, which was built by the budget achieved ". She said that "there is no real pressure to inflate the expenses of ministries, but is not limited to only buy the vocabulary, but a repeat of exchange to more than once as well as the continuation of deputations and hospitality expenses, cars and fuel." She called a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to proceed by reducing government expenditure for all sectors to less as possible and delete unnecessary expenditures fully in line with the austerity and reform policy. "