Barzani: what is happening in Kurdistan expression of the democratic will not affect the stability

Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, that what is happening in Kurdistan is a normal product of a democratic life and the political process, pointing out that it will not affect the Alپeshmrگh forces and the brave in the fight against terrorism and internal stability A statement from the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, and responded to Twilight News, that Barzani on Monday received a delegation Norwegian senior annexation Foreign Minister Borg Brende and Secretary of Defense Cecil Priya and the Norwegian ambassador to Iraq and a number of advisors and senior officials in the State and Defense Norwegian ministries. The statement said that Norwegian Foreign Minister thanked Barzani, for his role in leading the fight against the "Daash" terrorist, he returned his presence in the war fronts relevant and inspiring reason to raise the morale of Alپeshmrگh and their victory over the terrorists. The statement said the Norwegian Minister of Barzani announced that his country will continue to support and assist the Kurdistan Region in all stages. He pointed out that in another aspect of the meeting thanked the Norwegian Defence Minister what it called high coordination between military trainers Norwegians and forces Alپeshmrگh, describing the training process Alپeshmrگh a success in learning the forms of combat and defense as well as in raising the level of awareness and information among Alپeshmrگh forces in various fields.
For his part, welcomed Barzani, according to the statement, the guest delegation and thanked the cooperation and support of Norway to the people of Kurdistan and the forces of Alپeshmrگh, adding that he shed lights on the field conditions in the fronts of confrontation with the terrorists and spoke about the readiness and high morale of the troops Alپeshmrگh and brave and readiness at every moment to repel the terrorists and to maintain the gains of the people of Kurdistan .

And connected on the political situation in the province of Kurdistan Barzani in Kurdistan, which is being stressed is normal, a product of democratic life and the political process, pointing out that it will not affect the Alپeshmrگh forces and the brave in the fight against terrorism and internal stability.

The statement noted that the two sides discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and ways to solve the problems of Iraq was addressed to the future of Syria and the peace process in Turkey and the situation tense between the PKK Turkish army, adding that Barzani stressed that war is a bad choice and the parties must return to the table of dialogue and peace declaring the readiness of the Kurdistan region to help revive the peace process.

The statement noted that the development of relations between the Kurdistan region and Norway was another focus of the meeting axes.

The statement said that the meeting was attended by the Minister Alپeshmrگh Mustafa Sayid Qadir and Chairman of the Presidium of the region, Fouad Hussein, and Undersecretary of the Ministry Alپeshmrگh Anwar Haj Osman and members of the General Command of the protection forces of the provincial team Shirvan Abdul Rahman and the team Jabbar Yawar.