Parliament calls for economic recovery of Iraq's money looted a time of previous governments


Najiba Najib - Economic Commission representative, Monday called for, to recover funds looted at the time of the previous governments, and the disclosure of spoilers., Said committee member Najiba Najib said that "the reforms announced by the government is a positive step, but we need to detect corrupt and that the role of the judiciary largest in re-billions that fled out of the country, and have become projects and balances in banks in countries and go to the pockets of thieves and corrupt people. "She added that" There are billions were lost and the government to work seriously to access those funds and restore them, including remittances and manipulating the prices of the dinar file. "The Council of Ministers has launched a series of decisions intervention of government reforms intended Abadi made ​​door, at which time those reforms comes in response to the demands of popular protests, which stressed the need to eliminate corruption, reduce corruption and to bring the perpetrators to justice issues.