Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Abadi, visiting breakers operations in Salahuddin province and Baiji

Visited Mr. Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, Monday, cutters operations in Salah al-Din and Baiji province for the conduct of the security and military operations to complete the full liberalization of the Baiji refinery and some surrounding areas. The contract sovereignty meeting leaders security and military leaders of the popular crowd, where The plans to to sustain the momentum of victories achieved in the Baiji refinery, and edit the situation fully what constitutes importance in the war with terrorist gangs. As Dr. Haider Abadi visited the farm village in Baiji and hold another meeting in the operational command headquarters confirmed that the victory in the Battle of Baiji and edit fully It is very important because it is considered a very important chapter in winning the final battle on the terrorist gangs. Through the Prime Minister expressed his pride championships armed forces of the army and police and to mobilize popular and the sons of the tribes, stressing that we are in time to plunge into battle reforms Van our eye look equally important and more of our battle with Daash terrorist gangs. He stressed that support for the heroes of our fighters will not back down, and that it has such heroes, and this people, it inevitably triumph.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
2 4 August 2015