Despite re-requesting…CoI: MP Al-A`alusi did not provide us with the related documents of his reporting on (the senior official daughter`s counterfeit)

CoI has announced its measures on the declarations of the MP head of the Civil Democratic Alliance Gathering, Mithal Al-A`alusi, which includes the reporting about counterfeit suspicions of education certificates issued by Iraqi universities, which the MP said that a government senior official`s daughter has done. CoI has indicated just as it was informed about the details of the declaration - through mass media, especially in Al-Bayena Al-Jadida Paper (issue# 2176 in 11\2\2015) - that it considers the MP`s declarations as a reporting on a counterfeit of official documents. The declaration was recorded as reporting no. 261 BR in 18\2\2015. It pointed out that it had sent an official letter in 25\2\2015 to MP Al-A`alusi`s office, requesting to provide it with the related documents on such a declaration; an official`s daughter receiving three Iraqi college certificates at the same time. CoI confirmed that Al-A`alusi did not respond although he was sent a confirmation letter.
CoI noted that the non-reply of Al-A`alusi to its letters or his abstinence to provide it with the related documents of the said case would make his previous declarations made to the media unfounded.

Noteworthy to mention that Al-Bayena Al-Jadida Paper had published in its issue no. 2176 in 11\2\2015, news headline (Without naming her, Al-A`alusi: an official`s daughter receives
(3) certificates from (3) Iraqi colleges at once). The Paper confirmed that MP Al-A`alusi had revealed through a TV interview that the official`s daughter, whom he did not name, had committed this act which indicated the reality of our deep level of deterioration, as the Paper had put it.