Parliamentary Finance supports the issuance of large cash categories

The parliamentary finance committee confirmed that it supports the issuance of new categories of cash to facilitate the process of carrying currency among citizens, indicating that the environment is not ready to replace the value of the currency or delete the zeros of them. Said Finance Committee member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq in an exclusive interview with our economy, that the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives supports the issuance of a new class of categories (50 and 100) thousand, indicating that these groups are designed to facilitate the process of carrying currency among citizens. Abdul Khaliq stressed that the theme delete the value of the zeros and the replacement of the currency at this time is not successful because the environment is ripe for it, stressing that this process needs a stable security environment as well as providing sophisticated technology and Komrat and devices to destroy the old currency and devices supervisory good.
The Council of Ministers in the previous session postponed the application of the decision to delete the zeros from the current currency, without specifying a time limit before they resume the parliamentary finance committee and the central bank steps discuss implementation of the resolution at the current session on that early next year will be introduced in 2016 in principle.