The fact that the resignation "Haider al-Abadi" of the Dawa Party

Date: 2015/08/24

Palm-The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party on the Keywords, Monday, the prime minister Haider al-Abadi not and will not resign from the Dawa Party, noting that al-Abbadi of the party leaders and will remain in office.

Keywords and said in a press statement transferred the official party site, and seen by "news agency palm", that "calls other to provide Abadi his resignation from the Dawa Party, illogical and completely. We are against these calls," asserting that "the Dawa Party, does not interfere with the government to work at all, which with reforms announced by al-Abadi. "

He added that "some try to show that the Dawa party controls some decisions Abadi, and this is not true, because the party does not interfere with the work of al-Abadi, either closely or from afar," asserting that "al-Abadi rest of the Islamic Dawa Party did not submit his resignation is not now nor in the future." .