Sector partnership achieved economic successes

Called for member administrative board of the Association of Iraqi economists to need to get rid of the negative effects of the Iraqi economy as a result of the global financial crisis and clear impact on the overall economic situation by finding a formula for coordination and linkage between the public and the private sector to rebuild Albuld.wachart d economy .
Akram Abdel Aziz in an interview for »morning» to the importance of the adoption of new strategies designed and well thought out based on a combination of public and private sectors and the development of a new model stems from the principle of private sector development to reduce the disadvantages of the current economic system and keep pace with global economic developments and freeing it from crippling restrictions to H.opent Abdul Aziz said the partnership between the two sectors is important for both sides, pointing to the importance of benefiting from the experiences of powerful countries have achieved economic success and a clear result to give the private sector an active and leading role by simplifying procedures and administrative red tape and providing loans and facilities, exemptions and reduction of financial and administrative corruption and orientation the economies of their countries towards the principle of partnership .uarjt member of the administrative board of the Association of economists to the country's need to activate industry and the establishment of projects based on cooperation between the two sectors are understood Rdjevin partners in economic decision-making and President factor in economic growth through diversification of income sources. Abdul Aziz urged the need not to keep the industry based on oil, which is still the main factor in the creation of GDP and finance the budget and make radical reforms of the business environment and the adoption of extract capable of building a strong economy methods.