Step on the path of institutional building 8/24
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Thread: Step on the path of institutional building 8/24

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    Step on the path of institutional building 8/24

    Step on the path of institutional building

    8/25/2015 0:00

    heading the government through tandem economic reforms, which are issued by some institutional building properly futile packages and longer step constructive towards this goal, but that is not enough but the need requires consolidation of these reforms legislation urgent and laws in order to ensure the correct political and economic process path on both.

    If What we knew that the series of resolutions taken by the prime minister to cancel the sovereign senior positions and ministries of specific and integrate other that but involve drawing the correct path of the policy of austerity required, where accrue to cut costs and try to reduce the budget deficit due to the continuing decline in oil prices.

    In this regard, experts predict the economy of the decisions of the salary cuts and the rest of the operating expenses of the presidencies positions supreme.

    Including the abolition of the special provisions within the announced reforms package goes to the provision of large sums of money, and they see as well as a review of Dqiqih to the size of salaries, amounting to 40 trillion dinars, according to information received from the parliamentary finance committee that the salary basis for all State employees not exceed 11 trillion dinars, meaning that the allocation of 29 billion dinars, you can imagine the difference as the distribution of Aegery fairly.

    He also experts predict that in the event determine the total amount of allowances for no longer than the amount of the nominal salary scheduled will lead to salary expenses to 18 trillion dinars .

    In the case of reducing the higher grades salaries and the abolition of pensions for members of parliaments and local councils and reducing the protections and the expenses of cars, the amount of savings will be 2022 trillion dinars or more, this one of the results of the reforms and pending more to mitigate the impact of the financial crisis faced by the country.

    So, the reforms package Economic constitute real starting point for institutional building through the proper selection of the proper competencies able to lead the economic file and draw a map of the path of economic reform, according to the systematic and scientific perspective, this trend is reflected through the government authored graduate specialized committees for the selection of these competencies.
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