Expert proposes Court Industrial Development Plan 8/24
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Thread: Expert proposes Court Industrial Development Plan 8/24

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    Expert proposes Court Industrial Development Plan 8/24

    Expert proposes Court Industrial Development Plan

    8/25/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi
    He said an economist need to develop a plan towards industrial development and support of the local product pointing out to get rid of dependence on consumer trade through the establishment of industrial projects and reduce dependence on crude oil sales.

    He d. Samir Hassan in his speech for »Sabah» that low oil prices have a negative impact on the Iraqi economy requires exceptional measures be enough to derail the country of the challenges it faces and to get rid of the implications about the continuing decline.

    He suggested a good phrase measures to meet the challenges and fill the shortfall and try to create a positive turning point in the country's economy through retrenchment and management of tax collection law and reconsider system of taxes and determined according to the price set by law accompanied by work on a facility in the field of investment and to create the right investment climate in terms of providing services comprehensive to investors in accordance with the Investment Law as working to promote economic growth and diversification of income sources.

    Internal and external investment promised the index positive being a factor of emancipation of the economy of the rentier and Detective economic integration through follow-up and analysis of many of the developing world and the developed economies of the experiences and take advantage of the positive on the economy, especially in the field of energy, housing and tourism impact factors of the fact that the country desperately in need at the present time.

    He noted the possibility of access to financial liquidity for banks in this area in accordance with the financing basis as in most of the investment the state through the enactment of labor to attract capital and get rid of the clause restrictions and legislation crippling him and make way for foreign capital to benefit from capacity building and transfer of advanced technology and direct laws about activities that Albuld.oaaraf needed investment, according to economists as a natural or legal person using his experience or his money or his efforts to carry out economic projects, whether alone or in partnership with a local or foreign natural person or with the state or with its citizens in the establishment of joint ventures.
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