For complete financial reform

8/25/2015 0:00

Dr. Majid picture
oldest Prime Minister to start with some political and economic reforms supported by the House of Representatives and other proposals are in the same direction. And certainly are in the process to take its course to the implementation, it has not been implemented fate of Iraq unknown.

Despite the great support of the Iraqi people and the Supreme good reference, but it is not permissible that do not observe strong resistance to these measures, by the people affected by those involved in the financial and administrative corruption, and beneficiaries from the previous situation, despite their agreement public on these measures, trying scaled and even discharged from their content by containing and conduct, as required by internal and external interests.

It is noted that the overwhelming majority confirms that the arrival of Iraq to such a degree of economic and political deterioration was caused by sectarian quotas, political and administrative corruption and financial and the absence of the Constitution and the laws in force.

It is therefore in order to complete these reforms, it is necessary to apply the provisions of the constitution relating to the duties and powers of the government in the preparation and implementation of the general budget and linked to plans for economic development, and provide the final accounts, revealing the cash flow, and the application of the law of financial management and public debt. In order to control spending and follow-up and control it and the application of the principle of accountability, and to do so in a timely manner and precautionary, it is necessary to work on the use of modern technology and software in government accounts.

The exceptional circumstances through which Iraq require directing all financial, material and human resources to fight the terrorist attack and directing the remaining funds to cover operating expenses exaggerated and unjustified, and direct financial residue of the development process
and economic.

No one doubts the importance of the government's attempt to reduce the salaries and other operating expenses related to Balriasat high-level positions in the state, including the abolition of the special provisions. But a review of the size of salaries to state employees who reach up to 40 trillion dinars, according to information received from the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, the basic salary for all employees not to exceed 11 trillion dinars, while the allocation amounts to 29 trillion dinars. It is understood that these provisions have not been distributed fairly among the employees, under the quota system, nepotism and clientelism followed in the appointment system in functional positions. Van Therefore a decision determining the total amount of allowances so as not to exceed the amount of the nominal salary of the decision, will lead to a reduction in the item salaries up to 18 trillion dinars expenses, and if it has been reduced higher grades salaries to achieve justice, and the abolition of pensions for members of parliament and provincial councils and all local councils elected, with the cancellation of protections and cars for those who ended their service period, and return them to their former. The amount of savings will be up to 20 to 22 trillion or more.

Iraq is going through a financial crisis that never went through, and it must pay attention to the need for all classes of people carry this burden, particularly groups that have been orbits and Tdliha and Tervihaa previously. Does the state have the right to make all their money in order to entertain the upper class of employees and deprive workers in the private sector of the financial benefits of the business that have been implemented, thus depriving their workers of their salaries, and corporate self-financing of their legitimate rights to receive their dues.

Certainly that the fight against administrative corruption and financial, is the cornerstone of achieving the government program goals in the reform, which received strong support from all popular forces loyal to Iraq, and achieve victory over the forces of darkness and terrorism that have caused destruction to the Iraqi people and the Iraqi economy, which continues to make every effort and weaving all the intrigues in order to thwart reform measures dragging our beloved Iraq into the abyss of collapse.