Commerce decided to adopt the electronic card in the delivery of the ration card items and push one

The Ministry of Commerce decided to adopt import ration card items and the method of distribution in the form of a single payment, according to the number of family members. According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the minister Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim said during a body of opinion in the Ministry of Commerce meeting that the Commission approved the extradition of citizens food vocabulary once and find a mechanism governing the work of high smoothly. "The Minister of Commerce "The decision ensures that have cut the ration card items and the receipt of the stores at the same time and delivered to the agent who shall hand it to the citizens high smoothly with the adoption of the distribution method is based on processing a basket, and one for the entire family." He pointed out that "The ministry has also decided to provide urgent study of the adoption e-card for the distribution of food vocabulary instead of paper to check the quality of the vocabulary and Mnaciha card as well as an audit of all covered by the state of registration of births.
"He pointed Abdul Karim that" new mechanisms relating to import manner and the adoption of the electronic card would reduce wastage of public money and make the card work with high transparency " .anthy