Abadi reforms affect relationship with Erbil and return to its normal sizeon: 8/24
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Thread: Abadi reforms affect relationship with Erbil and return to its normal sizeon: 8/24

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    Abadi reforms affect relationship with Erbil and return to its normal sizeon: 8/24

    Abadi reforms affect the relationship with Erbil and return it to its normal sizeon: Monday

    Pat weapon separation and self-determination is the most widely used Barzani and his followers in any political or economic crisis break out between the province and the center, and it seems that the threat of the establishment of the state has returned again, but this time through the former deputy Izzat Shahbandar. He called Shabandar to the settlement of the outstanding problems between the center and the region, stressing his support for the establishment of a Kurdish state more than the Kurds themselves. Shabandar said in a television interview I followed "Baghdad News" we "with Kurdish state more of the same Kurdish because of the Kurdish nation's right to self-determination, but not on my account," noting "Any settlement with the Kurds better than staying on this case."

    Shabandar's comments reveal that the coalition is pushing the Kurds towards lifting separation slogan, it seemed so obvious through the oil agreement with Erbil, which was plagued with a lot of blind spots, and by not rushing to reconcile with the Kurds, or the indifference of the statements launched by Kurdish politicians from time to time. President of the Region Government Nechirvan Barzani told by more than one occasion that the region is sticking to dialogue with Baghdad, and he is struggling and in earnest to resolve the crisis, but the federal government led by al-Abadi response was cool in this regard , paying attention to the reforms called for demonstrators and reference in central and southern areas of Iraq, in addition to military operations on the organization Daash terrorist in the provinces of Anbar and Salahuddin. She stressed MP for the mass change of Kurdish Shirin Reza Muhammad is the Messenger in an interview for "Baghdad News" that "the establishment of the State Kurdistan at the moment is almost impossible, "adding that" the establishment of the State needs to be security, political and economic stability, and these points three not owned by Iraq as a whole, including Kurdistan region.

    She Messenger that "regional ocean and induce him to the state is one of the fundamentals of the State , and we are suffering from problems with the Regional Ocean. " fighter in the Workers' Party Ribawar Hassan said in an interview for "Baghdad News" that "the party fighters were conflict with Barzani and his party, especially since there are many signs of the involvement of the region's president to arrest PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in cooperation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. " said Hassan said that "the state of Kurdistan means the state without the Kurds, where Pat Barzani unacceptable by the Kurdish people in all Kurdish areas." source close to the decision-center in the Council of Ministers said in an interview for "Baghdad News" "The Abadi and his advisers know exactly that a Kurdish state is impossible for a lot of reasons, and this is linked to phase immediate, but is linked to the political situation in the region for more than a decade."

    The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the "decision-makers began since the signing of the oil agreement in Erbil pay Barzani to a statement on the Kurdish state, so as to delay it and give it a small size that it deserves, what will lead to the burning of this paper for many years. " The source pointed out that "al-Abadi today a full-time fully reforms, and within these reforms will determine the shape of the relationship with the region, so it will not take more than their fair Erbil maturity that equally with him the rest of the governorates of Iraq, "he said." Who would have thought that is far from the reforms of the Kurdistan region and it is the most important. "

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