Labour calls for departments to provide anti-corruption commissions reports for review

Called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, its departments to provide anti-corruption commissions reports to conduct a comprehensive review. According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The ministry conducted a review of the reports of the Committee on the fight against financial and administrative corruption and Reform Commission administrative ministerial to combat any form of financial and administrative corruption, which could face the implementation of the strategy and plans for the future."
He added that " Senior agent of the Ministry of Labour Abdul gentlemen Shenawa, said while chairing a meeting of the directors of departments and sections of its need to provide anti-corruption commissions reports in each department to conduct a comprehensive review and address the negative phenomena in the work.
"The statement quoted Shenawa as saying," The ministry has multiple programs in this area to monitor the negative situations and addressed a precaution before the appearance of these shenanigans, "stressing" the need to monitor suspicious cases before it monitored by other regulators and processed in order to avoid its transformation into a crisis and then the formation of the investigative committees about it.
"With regard to the rationalization of consumption, stressed" the importance of standardization of procedures their planning and spending and the elimination of some aspects of non-essential and the rationalization of expenditure to the extent possible, especially since the country going through a financial crisis requires austerity measures in all sectors of the state.
"The statement said that" the meeting discussed the issue of administrative services in the departments of the Ministry and the commitment to send books on the directives of the ministry in a timely fashion. " .anthy