Council welcomes the dismissal of Najaf Zurfi emphasizes hold continuous meetings of the selection of a fair

The province of Najaf Council welcomed the judicial decision approving the dismissal of the governor Adnan al-Zurfi, referring to hold continuous meetings of the selection of a fair to fill the position. A statement by the Office of the President of the Provincial Council Khudair al-Jubouri, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, say with him that al-Jubouri, "Park for the people of the province of the citizens and officials, the Administrative Court approval of the decision to dismiss the governor Adnan Abdul Khudair Zurfi." The statement quoted al-Jubouri, to say that "this provision was to assure fairness of the Iraqi judiciary," noting it was "the beginning of a new phase of the most important advantages the fight against corruption and the corrupt and to hold accountable all of the blood on his hands with money Iraqis." He pointed out that "the National Alliance in the ongoing meetings of the selection of a fair and efficient for the post of governor of Najaf .
"The Administrative Court ratified on Monday the decision to sack the governor of Najaf, Adnan Zurfi
with the provincial council member Khaled Aljcami said, he will be on Tuesday opening of the nomination after the dismissal of the governor stating's [where]," The provincial council will begin tomorrow to receive nominations and the implementation of previous agreements to be the position of Governor of the State of Law coalition exclusively personal efficient and integrity to be elected by the provincial council and the nomination, "noting that" Najaf is full of people who are competent and integrity, "hoping members of a coalition of law to resolve their choice to expedite the nomination of someone who enjoys competence and integrity for the job. "It is said that, Najaf Province Council voted to approve at its extraordinary 13 of the last month to dismiss the governor Adnan Alzervi.anthy 2