New York Post: Iraq is more stable than the rest of the Arab countries, where life is better than under Saddam

Author: BS, HAA
Editor: BK, BS

2015/08/24 16:55

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Promised universally known American newspaper, on Monday, that Iraq seems "more stable and hope for a bright future" with democratic rule distinguishes from the rest of the Arab countries with the same conditions system, despite suffering from a security disturbance, while showed that life in Baghdad, "refreshed "It is not with the desired ambition of safety and prosperity, but it is better than the one that was under Saddam's regime, he confirmed that Iraq is the only Arab country in which the government has changed five times through elections and not coups.

The New York Post reported New York American Post, in a report today, the living conditions in Iraq, I followed the (long-Presse), "The commercial movement in Iraq and social activities from arts and culture refreshed", usually to Iraq despite the difficult circumstances through which seems more stable and hope for a bright future with democratic governance is characterized by the rest of the Arab countries with the same system conditions. "

The newspaper reported that "the streets of the city of Baghdad crowded with cars interspersed with many modern species attractive to consider, although the security situation is difficult, with the proliferation of shops luxury," arguing that "it shows that the people of Baghdad insist on living their lives to the fullest extent of pleasure and well-being ".

She said the New York Post, that "Baghdad is witnessing concerts and musical and fashion shows and other theatrical bear the stamp of political criticism."

And monitoring the newspaper's correspondent during his wandering in Mutanabi Street, where the "Friends Forum, intellectuals and writers in the famous cafes, a demonstration of a few dozen citizens, carrying pictures of religious figures, where their presence on the nature of the atmosphere did not affect the street."

And it quoted the New York Post, for the citizen Abu Hussein, saying, commenting about it, "The demonstrations have become part of our lives," noting that "life goes on despite these demonstrations, bombings and News horrific crimes that we hear."

In turn, the newspaper said, "The life in Baghdad continuing despite criticism of the war launched against Iraq, during which he fell rule of Saddam's regime, and the subsequent criticism of President Barack Obama, and before him, President Bush, for failing to maintain stability in the country, although it is not ambitious of the desired safety and prosperity, but it is better than the one that was under Saddam's regime. "

And saw the New York Post, that "the things that must be taken into consideration, the situation that occupied Iraq as part of the geopolitical perspective between other Arab countries during the current phase," noting that "Iraq seems the best among the 22 Arab countries that make up the Arab League group, where that four of those countries is considered a failure, which is Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, and another 12 suffered repeated terrorist attacks over the past decade, including Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia, with the fight three wars states eligibility, the Sudan, Yemen and Syria. "

The newspaper, that "the number of victims of the civil war in Algeria exceeded the number of victims of violence in Iraq," Msttrdh that "according to the statistical victims known prepared by Body Count Foundation Iraq war, the number of victims of war and its aftermath is estimated up to 219 thousand dead Iraqis, while lost Algeria During the civil war in the nineties, more than 400 people dead. "

And indulged the New York Post, that "Egypt has suffered more than 40 thousand people during the period of violence after the coup only, which lasted for a few months," inferring that "violence has not had that effect on the course of life in Iraq and continuity, and that the country is witnessing a slow improvement and looks better from the rest of the Member States of the Arab League. "

And went on the American newspaper, saying, "The Iraq since the era of the sixties of the last century, it was not considered one of the exporters of refugees to other countries, as is the case with Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Syria, countries, which occupies Introduction List of migrants abroad, while the displaced Iraqis an estimated 600 thousand people, have fled the violence Daash organization, preferred to stay in their own country and the search for a safe haven. "

She explained the New York Post, that "Iraq has done a good job on the economic side, where the annual growth rate of around 4.5 percent, which is twice the growth of the rest of the Arab League states economy rate", pointing out that "Iraq is witnessing a marked increase in the number of transactions from foreign and domestic companies of investment projects , especially Turkish and Iranian and Kuwaiti and the UAE. "

The newspaper said that "Iraq despite the security conditions known, is a point of strong attraction for foreign tourists, with most of them they mean religious tourism, where the number of Iranian visitors during this year, the current 2015 only, up to 2.5 million people," asserting that "the Iraqis have a degree of freedom of political expression of your dreams only the rest of the peoples of the other Arab countries as well as neighboring Iran, as the political parties, from communism to property, legitimate and active and representative in the parliament. "

It concluded New York Post, that "Iraq is the only Arab country in which the government has changed five times so far through elections and not coups, and there was a consensus among the people to change the government is through elections."