Alliance forces: there are secret agreements between the blocs states not to hold accountable those responsible

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Male MP for the coalition forces Mahamat Nouri, Monday, that the government is not held accountable for any minister or as general manager and control on charges of corruption or extortion, revealing the existence of a "secret agreements" between the political blocs states that "lack of accountability" followers officials of the blocks. Nouri said for "tomorrow Press," that "the political blocs in parliament to have secret agreements states that the investigative committees are not held accountable for personnel responsible for certain mass." He added that "the construction of the government after 2003 is the construction of a failure being included quotas partisan and sectarian," noting that "More than 75% of the people's money and previous budgets have been stolen by just written projects on paper by ministers and officials in the state." He said Nuri "We have not seen any official behind bars convicted by the government on charges of corruption after 2003".