Gharwaa: reform the judiciary decisively accelerate the fall of Mosul file and punish those involved

08/24/2015 14:02 pm (Baghdad time)

Special-scales News
A member of the commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul Majid Gharwaa, Monday, that the reform of the judiciary will accelerate decisively the fall of Mosul file, indicating that the file Negotiable procrastination, like many of the previous files that have been Tsoevha.

He said Gharwaa L / scales News /, that "the investigation into the fall of the city of Mosul file, however, the organization Daash terrorist arrived in the Iraqi judiciary and to the CCAMLR presidency, noting that there will be Bontdhar security leaders who were involved the fall of the city by military courts, however Daash terrorist and the prosecution will take care of the politicians involved."

He said a member of the committee member of the commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul, "The reform of the judiciary will contribute significantly to the resolution of this important file that caused the fall of many cities, however, the terrorist organization Daash Tsuifa and not like a lot of files that preceded it."

He revealed a member of the parliamentary committee in charge of investigating the fall of the city of Mosul, full-Zaidi, on Sunday, lifting the final recommendations of the fall of Mosul by Chairman of the Committee of quitting the approval of the House of Representatives Speaker Salim al report, stressing that the Zamili confessed to "being" for "pressure" and "contacts" from inside and outside Iraq for the inclusion of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused's name in the report of the Committee. It ended 29/28