Dr. Unit Jumaili: al-Jubouri and Abadi are looking forward to good governance for the aborted terrorism, sedition and corruption
Mon Aug 24 2015

Chancellor confirmed head of the House of Representatives for national reconciliation d. Unit Jumaili: House Speaker d. Saleem al-Jubouri and Prime Minister d. Haider al-Abadi are looking forward to good governance for the aborted terrorism, sedition and corruption.

Said in a press statement today: that after the demonstrations in many Iraqi cities and after that backed reference and mandate of the people and the reference to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi make Parliament unanimously approves the reforms made ​​by the government with the provision of a large package of reforms within the field of parliamentary work, noting that reforms governmental and parliamentary contribute to the development of the pillars of good governance of the Iraqi state.

She Jumaili: that reforms Jubouri Abadi and after supporting the political blocs and the support of parliament and civil society institutions of the two will have a significant impact in the fight against terrorism in Iraq and the fight against corruption and aborted discord that would be based on the division of the Iraqi people and thus have dashed hopes of some aspirants to the division Western countries and dashed the hopes of all of them is a pro at home.

Information Office of the Prime Consultant
House of Representatives on National Reconciliation d. Unit Jumaili

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