Peshmerga and clans FREE with two villages east of Nineveh control Daash
Sun Aug 23 2015

According to a local source in Nineveh province, Sunday, that the joint security force freed two villages and killed a large number of elements "Daash" east of the province, while noting that the organization has a burning oil wells in the region.

The source said that "the strength of the families of Alkwyr and Alekiarp in Nineveh and the support of the Peshmerga and the international coalition has been able, today, to control the villages of Msentr and Doizzat subsidiaries of hand Alkwyr east of Nineveh," noting that "those forces have killed dozens of militants organize and cleanse the villages are full."

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "Daash organization, before it withdrew from the region, one has to burn the oil wells for the purpose of influencing the visibility of international aviation forces who supported the process of liberation."

And Iraq is witnessing an extraordinary security situation, as military operations continue to expel the organization "Daash" of areas where the spread, while the international coalition carried out air strikes targeting the organization sites in different parts of those provinces expect casualties ranks.

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