Shawki: legislative and executive reforms linked to reform of the judiciary

MP for the Bloc Salim Chawki, Sunday, that the legislative and executive reforms linked to reform of the judiciary, noting that the reform of the judiciary requires a package of legislation, and the dimensions of corrupt judges. Said Shawki told / information /, that "to achieve reforms in the executive and legislative branches requires us to do judicial reforms to ensure that the reluctance of the executive and legislative reforms." He said Shawki "The reference when the honorable judges demanded reform evidence that does not fit the judiciary, but the judiciary because he has no authority on the judiciary and the judges, but the law," noting that "judicial reforms come through legislation to reform the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor's Office and the judicial supervision of the Federal Court pack The Court of Cassation, ."The second requirement to reform the judiciary is corrupt and accounting dimensions of the judges who have been Tsaashm and who have been involved with public money and took Arashay these two things guarantee the progress of reforms in a positive way on the legislative and executive" .anthy / 25