The Department of Immigration is concerned about the worsening of illegal immigration from Iraq to Europe

She Ministry of Displacement and Migration, on Sunday, expressed concern about the growing phenomenon of illegal migration from the country to the European countries as well as the risk of terrorism and smuggling associated with them. The ministry said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the phenomenon of illegal immigration has grown significantly as a result of the situation that prevailed in the Arab countries and Iraq in particular, during the last period and the difficult conditions that gripped the country due to the entry of terrorist Daash to some Iraqi cities, gangs as well for the deterioration of the economic situation and the drop in oil prices, which led to the aggravation of this phenomenon and begin to immigration via Turkey and Greece to the European countries. " The statement added that "the ministry is working on a comprehensive study of this file in order to apply them to the ground to reduce this phenomenon," stressing at the same time "the need to put serious solutions to solve the problems of crises, including the provision of employment opportunities for young people and provide decent living as well as providing security to the regions Daash liberated from terrorist gangs to curb this phenomenon.