Sheikh d. Hamoudi: Battle reform must not make us forget that the battle against Daash exist and must be supportive and not by alternative

The member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi that the war against Daash is the "Battle of the existence of" as described by good reference should be the priority occupies, and the "Battle of the reform should not make us forget this battle and be supporting them, not alternative.
This came during the guiding his speech during the "Meet communicate and advise others," which was held in his private office with the participation of a large collection of the audience, during which he touched on the subject of the demonstrations taking place in Iraq, and crystallized towards the popularity of the party and government and parliamentary positions as well as the position of the reference of good ones and which "The statement by Mr. Ali al-Sistani of events was more like a statement fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad strength because it gave great support to the government and carry responsibility that hit an iron hand and remove it from the cocoon of quotas and balances."
He said First Deputy Chairman of the Board, "We have no choice but success Bmarkia presence and reform after cooperating all political forces, particularly the National Alliance, and all the good people, Valtzepehrt Tazahratna and the people of our people, it is a mistake will be held accountable, and we will stand all against corruption and corrupt, and we will stand with reference and with the government and support it, and the Everyone should possess the courage of position.
The meeting included many interventions by the audience, which discussed through with Sheikh Hamoudi many national issues and concerns related to whether the demonstrations or the economy, politics and others.
A number of participants honored Sheikh Hamoudi national gratitude for his roles in supporting the civil movement.