Alwani: Anne of the political blocs to be reconciled and overcome the national interest over personal and party
On: Sat 21/01/2012 19:39

Baghdad (news) .. Zkredo the House of Representatives / coalition in Iraq / Khaled Abdullah Al-Alwani, it is time for the main political blocs in the country to be reconciled and overcome the national interest to personal and party interests and Class.

He said al-Alwani in a press statement reported by his press office has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Saturday: that the presence of political leaders in the national conference is very important, pointing at the same time that the leaders have an important role in resolving the contract and the differences that caused the current political crisis.

He said al-Alwani: the survival of the country in this case will lead us to the disaster may have dire consequences, stressing: the need to exit through reconciliation and to sit at the table of dialogue, noting: that the Iraqi people began to feel distressed as a result of these differences that may lead to a disaster can not be Ntdarkha If the situation remains as it is today.

And on the statements of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani toward Iraq, said a member of the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary Iraq that respects all the neighboring countries surrounding it, but does not accept that one interferes in its internal affairs and affect the sovereignty, noting: This command is the responsibility of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in the order of relations with neighboring countries.
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