Iraqi Airways is preparing to launch in nine European and Arab destinations

Fly Baghdad Airways announced on Saturday, ready to be launched in nine European and Arab destinations, and confirmed with signed a contract with the Kurdish Fly Miran company in order to expand its customers, she noted that this contract will contribute to overcome the difficulties on travelers territory.

Said the managing director of the company Abdullah al-Jubouri said in an interview to the (long-Presse), during the signing of the Solicitor General approved the sales contract (GSA) in the Kurdistan region with Fly Miran company, he said that "our company is to expand its services are now preparing to go to nine points of European and Arab soon "noting that" countries that will travel with the company's aircraft are Georgia, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Doha, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Stockholm and also Frank Fort ". He said al-Jubouri, that "the company and for the expansion of their customer signed the contract with Fly Miran company Kurdish deliver services companies Kalhjosat and spare ticket and others," adding, "This contract will contribute to overcome the difficulties on the passengers of the Region through proximity to be provided by the offices Fly Miran Bokaltha of Baghdad Fly Company. The Fly company Baghdad Aviation denied, in (3 of August 2015), their origin to any political component, and confirmed that it is managed by the Iraqi men businessman, and accused the parties of "trying to monopolize the aviation sector in Iraq", the media called for "caution and accuracy" in Information transfer.

It is said that the company Fly Baghdad is an Iraqi private aviation company founded by some Iraqi businessmen founded in 2015, currently operates flights from Baghdad airport to Arbil mid-July last.