Vice reveals the most corrupt files transmitted by the House of Representatives to the Integrity Commission

Vice detection of the National Alliance for the most corrupt files which agreed to forward it to the House of Representatives Commission on Public Integrity to investigate them. Haidar al-Kaabi told all of Iraq [where] that "the corruption cases that have been referred to the Integrity consent of the House of Representatives regarding the Ministries of Commerce, Defense, Interior and Education and the Central Bank of Iraq." And between "the Ministry of Commerce with respect to the subject of the purchase of sugar, rice within the ration card items where found that multiples are always different from world market prices by a large margin and that the sugar processed by a single company." Kaabi said, "As for the Ministry of Defense, there are a signed contract to their advantage in the purchase of 56 large generating electricity price per which reaches 44 million dinars, while the price does not exceed the local market in half this amount."
The member of the parliamentary finance committee that "the files relating to the Ministry of Interior concerning explosives detection device [sonar] especially with a difference in price, specifications and the violation of the law as well as the amount of processing critically mechanism and the equivalent of 45 000 dollars per system."
And the Ministry of Education file transmitted by Parliament to the Integrity Commission Kaabi explained, "There are 7,800 school referred to the construction was completed of which only 96 schools at a cost of 442 billion dinars and received contractors by 60% of the amount while the completion rate did not exceed 10% of the construction," pointing that "with regard to the Iraqi Central Bank on the sale of the dollar to banks without opening the adoption of her."
Integrity Commission announced, on Thursday, all achieved more than 13 000 registered issue only since the beginning of this year 2015, "revealing" the names of the escapees convicted on charges of corruption, including ministers. "
It was the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided in the parliament session on August 13 this assignment files that contain suspicions of corruption relating to contracts of armaments and other related to the Ministry of Commerce and other ministries in the last session of the Commission on Public Integrity to investigate them during this month that the parliamentary Finance Committee holds For the House of Representatives on the results of body Integrity, emphasizing that the Council will take the necessary actions towards any failure to follow up files marred by corruption. "
The Integrity Commission, announced last Thursday, all achieved more than 13 000 registered issue only since the beginning of this year and 2015, including 13 ministers, accusing them of with Badrjtah ".
These measures coincide with the release of the government reform package focused on the fight against corruption in response to the directives of the religious authority and the demands of Almtzahreinn.anthy 14