Le Figaro: Abu Barns "Invisible Man" who stands behind Haider al-Abadi

Paris-Iraq Press -23 August / August: daily Le Vaegaros French revealed the man she called "hidden" behind the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, saying, "It possesses documents proving the link that person central intelligence States since the nineties of the last century." The newspaper said in a report, "The Associate Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Dr. Nofal Hassan Abu Barns was among the refugees Rafha camp in the early nineties of the last century, he emigrated to the United States in a timely and embraced the CIA and the equipping and rehabilitation to play an important role in Iraq new, and earned a doctorate from Washington, and later worked commercially attache at the Iraqi Embassy in Washington.
The newspaper, he was "when he took the post of Prime Minister al-Abadi, the US administration insisted that the Abu Barns of those close to him to be the owners advice and opinion, which currently draws from the plans, strategies and applied to the US plan in Iraq without the knowledge of al-Abadi."
The newspaper, "Abu al-Abadi barns incites to curb the influence of the popular crowd and raises concerns about the prospects of expansion in the future, and based on that agreement was reached with the Americans on the liquidation of the leaders of the popular crowd immediately upon completion of the battles for liberation," in the words of the newspaper. She concluded by saying, "The US administration insists on the appointment of Abu al-Abadi barns director of his office." The Abadi has issued an order on Thursday to appoint Mahdi Keywords secretary general of the Council of Ministers instead of Hamid al-Musawi, who relieved of the post a few days ago. Informed sources have suggested or occupies prime minister Abu Nofal Barns adviser as director Abadi office instead of Keywords. Ended (1)