Hundreds of angry protesters break into a government building in Karbala

Twilight News / broke into hundreds of angry demonstrators, on Sunday, Indian Qaimqamip spend building, east of the city of Karbala, in protest at the failure to meet their demands for the dismissal of the Mayor, and the provision of basic services. The demonstrators gathered in front of Alqaimqamah building, demanding the Mayor Abbas al-Shammari and members of the Judicial Council to resign immediately from their positions, for their inability to provide basic services to eliminate over the past years. The flower rain Karbala Provincial Council member, said that "the demonstrators broke into the Indian Qaimqamip spend building and destroyed the glass of the building because of the failure to provide the district office for his resignation from his post," pointing out that "the demonstrators demanded the district office last Friday to non-permanence Sunday in Alqaimqamah building." She said rain that "the district office started work as normal this morning in the building, demonstrators gathered to demand his dismissal from his post," saying that it "has been a rapid communications and call additional forces from the police to remove the demonstrators from Alqaimqamah building", as quoted by the Anatolia statements seen by Twilight News.
The security forces have resorted to the use of force to disperse the demonstration in front of the province of Babylon building yesterday, and according to the instructions issued from the capital, Baghdad, in addition to an attack by unidentified gunmen on demonstrators in front of the Court of the province of Basra (southern Iraq), Friday.

She continued rain that "the provincial council and the province was supposed to meet the demands of the demonstrators them that received them earlier."

And saw 11 Iraqi provinces out of thousands of civilians, last Friday, to protest against the lack of services and the lack of jobs, as well as demanding reform of the judiciary, and the prosecution of those involved stealing public money.