Distribution of salaries of the peshmerga for June
By: wab1
Date: Monday, 24-08-15 10:35 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
The Ministry of finance and economy announced on the Kurdistan Regional Government, it will

Today the distribution of salaries of the peshmerga Ministry, for the month of June. "
The Finance Ministry said in a statement received in Baghdad news copy, they began distributing salaries of Ministry of Peshmerga. "
The statement did not include a reference to the Ministry that would follow the peshmerga Ministry, but the Ministry of finance, distribution of salaries on the rest of the ministries and Government institutions usually after security ministries. "
The Ministry of finance and economic development in Kurdistan, announced Saturday, the non-eligibility of the Ministry of natural resources, with oil production and export, amounts received as indicated that there is something wrong in the delivery of funds through banks, Turkish Kurdistan Parliament demanded investigation and thoroughly the causes of delayed salaries for the month of June. "