Hakim, head of the National Alliance?!

Mohammed Hassan al-Saadi Sunday, August 23, 2015

Exercised powers combined within the National Alliance lot of pressure inside it in order to finish the presidency of the Alliance file, which ended in all steps fail, because there are wills 'Dauajjah' al-Maliki wing trying to block reach any agreement ending the state of dispersion and death suffered by this institution, which was supposed to be the parent organization at the helm of the leadership of political action and strategic decision-making mission to the country, unchanged if any coalition or alliance of any state is trying to be in the path of civilized and democratic countries.

The method to the preachers, is the monopolization of decision, and walk without considering the positions of other blocs to participate, especially since the decisions fateful does not affect the call as much as touch it for the interests of the people who placed their trust in politicians They were as much of this responsibility, and actually there was a big and important achievements, a fall of three provinces , and the most recent appalling massacres and deepest impact in the community is the massacre of Spyker, which will remain a stain on the conscience of the traitors and sellers of innocent blood.

National Alliance did not find a solution to the case of loss practiced by state law, it, since there is no will to change or reform, and it remains the case is the case, and remains the fate of the country mortgagee However, one person named prime minister, and that certainly is subject to the whims and inclinations, which makes a map of the National Alliance move look lame or does not claim any purpose only encounters courtesy, and sit on a dinner banquet in honor of the audience, without finding solutions to any file from the files of corruption and that was the reason for the destruction of the country and the loss of people.

Hakim of the tip is trying to break the impasse and move the pond through the addition of new blood trying to change the status of death suffered by this institution, and save what can be saved, but of wills with a unitary thought vindictive trying to put the bumpers of the Sage in legitimate reformist, knowing that this position does not It means something important, as it is the activation of the role of AL regulate the government work for the largest political bloc, combining Shiites dispersed in a tent called the coalition, and this is not a political dispute is as much a fear of the ability of al-Hakim to drop all masks, breaking outstanding idols that are trying to enslave human beings and stone , away from any political values ​​or ethics, in an attempt to modify or repair the ruling political class, which certainly repaired, government and institutional work will go on a regular basis and cut the road to any distortion or freeze to his duties in building state institutions ..

I firmly believe that the Presidency of the National Alliance has become very close to al-Hakim, with the fall of the greatest idol in the valley of corruption and treason, which would be the beginning of a conflict again and break the wills, especially with a serious attempt of the wise not to be subjected to any will of either internal or external only the will of the national and the reform project of the country, and to move forward towards building EST able to promote natural functions, without being subjected to the whims of malicious intent and trying to keep the situation poorly unable to any particular black storm coming stand.