Analysts: al-Maliki at war again after being convicted of the report of Mosul

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: US publishing site today, a report on the status of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, after the issue became public opinion in Iraq, against the backdrop of his conviction in the fall of the city of Mosul, according to the Commission as a result of the fall of Mosul report. US news website says, that al-Maliki a second war will be fought these days after he was accused in the report of Mosul, in particular that he had not finished the first war on aspirations to return to power again.

He says the US site, that al-Maliki has become a hot topic in Baghdad this week, and I talked speculation about the possibility of failure after his return from his visit to Iran, in order to avoid prosecution, according to American analysts Iraqis.

Analysts say the site "MEE", that despite the hype, which revolves around accusations of al-Maliki, it is unlikely that al-Maliki basically tried for his alleged role in the fall of Mosul. In the meantime, al-Maliki returned last week from Iran to Baghdad, where he was when he received a number of members of his parliamentary bloc.

Maliki and subjected to political pressure from the Shiite coalition since August of last year, to step down after the fall of the city of Mosul and other cities, however, the rest of the militants, "Daash" in the past year. Analysts and academics, that the collapse of the dramatic to the Iraqi cities because of the withdrawal of security forces, including, highlighted the al-Maliki as commander in chief of the armed forces at the time, so it was considered Mosul report, al-Maliki accused first with him, according to members of the Committee to investigate the case.

After ten months of investigation, the report that the al-Maliki and other military officials concluded they are interested in the fall of Mosul and other cities, the report is also likely to be tried after the referral of the report to the Attorney General to file a lawsuit against the names in the report.

Came the justification report accusing al-Maliki, the fall of Mosul, after military-appointed incompetent leaders ignored the Iraqi military's ability to fight, despite the training and exchange of billions in the past few years, not to mention not held accountable for failing leaders defeatists fall of the city in the process.

Maliki also in front of a number of questions about what happened after the fall of the city, as it is linked to the Iraqi army collapse of a series of disasters, including, massacre Spyker in which more than 1,700 young Iraqi was killed after being kidnapped by the terrorist organization of the military air base in Tikrit, let alone bear the responsibility of displaced more than three million people displaced by the arrival of organizing Daash to their areas, forcing them to flee the case.

Observers believe, that despite what happened from catastrophes during the mandate of the al-Maliki, the second in Iraq, but he has a kind of dominant power on the state, even after stepping down from power, Mr. Abadi and the post of prime minister, as has often been talk about the continuation of Maliki's control over the levers of government, despite stepping down from his post.

Many military leaders and senior judges and senior government officials Abadi still loyal to the owners and they may either reject or ignore Abadi orders since he took office last August. Abadi has indicated on several occasions to officials who are working to disrupt or delay decisions, although he did not meet the naming them.

In the past week, and against the backdrop of the reforms adopted by the Prime Minister in response to the demands of the demonstrators started, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Hamid Khalaf, one of al-Maliki Men ruled out, It is also unclear, whether Abadi discharged head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud after demanding his dismissal of the protesters Fridays in years.

Officials say they refused to disclose their identities, he said Maliki's opponents are trying to take advantage of his absence to encourage the rumors about his departure from the country, but the former prime minister returned to the country late last week.