Delivery charges to daash .. Maliki's Coalition calls for prosecution of Barzani!
Date: Saturday, 22-08-15 08:11 pm

Detecting the State of law Coalition mp Haidar Sattar sire "collecting signatures to refer the Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani to eliminate charges fall Sinjar to organize terrorist daash".
Sire, said in a statement: "we started with a number of Deputies gathering signatures to refer the Barzani to justice on charges fall of Sinjar and delivered to organize terrorist" daash said signatures will be lifted with a formal letter to the Presidency of the lower house next week for the referral and the peshmerga and the officers responsible for the fall of Sinjar and massacre our fellow alaizidin "between Sire" we collect evidence to prove involvement in this heinous crime, Barzani and his conspiracy. "he said the House approved Monday by the majority On his inquiry report with the downfall of Mosul that included former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and senior military leaders, civilian officials as accused or implicated in the events of June and transmit the report to the judiciary, but the report did not mention the name of Barzani as a defendant for his part Maliki commented. the report by saying that "no value to the result of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission on the fall of Mosul, and the Committee controlled by policy differencesAnd out of objectivity, "adding that" what happened in Mosul was a conspiracy planned in Ankara and then turning the plot into Erbil. reference is made to the President of the Parliamentary Committee investigating the fall of Mosul Governor Aydin said he "did not have sufficient evidence to convict the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani events." Iraq said Tuesday "the convictions of many Kurds in Mosul and fallBut I did not have the evidence and testimony and document to condemn and if "Navia condemned" the accusation Committee of the assigned Army Chief to retire earlier Zebari instead of Barzani, "adding that" this is not true fact that Zebari, the Army Chief of staff and manages detailed however Iraqi State during events either by the head of the territory did not have evidence for conviction if the offer was convicted but did not adopt this gossip of the Court and the judiciary wants to close, witnesses and testimony that didn't have "