Al-Maliki prepares to reckoning with political opponents inside and outside the party, Haidar Al-Abadi, the first Deputy Governor of Aydin rib with the help of Chief integrity Ravi who provided him with tons of files!
Date: Saturday, 22-08-15 08:50 pm

Since returning from the Iranian capital late Wednesday and Vice President Nouri al-Maliki article is holding a series of meetings with leaders on Islamic Dawa party who holds the General Secretariat since 2007 after ousting former leader Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, who had to form a new political movement called stream national reform.
And according to a member of the political Bureau of the Communist Party and President of the block (State of law) behind in meeting with Hardin's group of deputies in the Parliament cafeteria looped around it (Monday), the party leadership is waiting for the return of the Secretary-General to initiate a series of actions and decisions will leave scars (shaking) political circles in Iraq (by prescription).
Although Samad did not go into details (of the quake) signed, but said that the party would not accept the (binary) leadership, and that will resolve the issue (facilitated) and his team, in reference to Al-Abbadi and several sympathizers of the party leadership, most notably Walid ornaments on the relationship.
And what Anil which has become one of the hawks in the Dawa party and the most support for Maliki in the cafeteria meeting that apparently has held to preach the party intends to take decisions soon that State (ASRA) suffered much oppression of who best to them and raise their echoing verses old blink said bin slave trader, for example, and says: (and injustice most anti depressant kin. Ajit, one of Jude).
According to parliamentary sources familiar sequence of continuous meetings convened by Maliki with leaders of his party and the largest meeting of the party's Secretary General House in the green zone on Friday after lunch, Maliki felt hurt and slighted twice in one week when the Prime Minister issued a decision to abolish the posts of Vice-Presidents of the Republic, is one of them, and focus on key suspect named in the report of the Parliamentary Committee on the events of the fall of Mosul, and quoted mp Mohammed alshiod told lawmakers last weekend that Of State believed Abu israa wall (nseis) most important pieces, anticipated revolution (Halim), which it said would be the (storm).
According to the views of a number of Deputies contacted (Abbasid News) they agreed that Maliki's priority now is (mockery) report of the Commission on the connector and raking rib Governor Deputy Chairman files Iraq when for years the Ministry of health agency already, in this regard, the information pertains to the House with disbelief that Chief Hassan Al-yassiri, provided agency integrity Dawa payload (pickup) of selected files to Maliki's opponents keep body including Bahaa Al-araji, Iraq files and his brother Hazem, Maha and Mohamed Al-daradji and other owner Leaders of the sadrist movement.
Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi has chosen Ravi on Chairman integrity agency rather than its former ALA Jawad Saadi, rumored at the time that the Dawa party is nominated Pierre for the chairmanship of the Commission, Khaled Al-Attiyah to preside over the body of Hajj and Umrah and Abadi had to accept them.
And at the next Conference of the Dawa party, the information leaked from within the party indicates that the expected node will be in the second week of next month and that a Committee under the chairmanship of the party political Bureau member Ali al-adeeb is nearing completion of the preparation of the documents of the Conference and its agenda and draft decisions and recommendations.