Al-Bayati: Preparatory Committee for the National Conference does not require the presence of Talabani and the conference will be held early next month
On: Sat 21/01/2012 17:12

Baghdad (news) .. said the leadership of the coalition of state law and the MP / National Alliance / Abbas al-Bayati said the Preparatory Committee for the National Convention does not require the presence of President Jalal Talabani, stressing that the National Conference will be held early next month.
Bayati said (of the Agency news) on Saturday: that the Preparatory Commission does not require the presence of the President of the Republic, stating: that the Preparatory Committee composed of 12 members 6 of the National Alliance and 4 of the Iraqi List, and 2 of the Kurdistan Alliance, explained that the Preparatory Committee is a technical committee numbers of the agenda and schedule the number of files that can be put in the national conference of the year.

Al-Bayati said: The first meeting will include a showdown for all the items and listen to the road map and views, stating: that he must be placed in the Constitution provided a framework, and in this framework will be discussed and looking all issues, including the security ministries and the Council policies.

The Al-Bayati: that tomorrow on Sunday will be the first meeting, stressing: the need to verify the meeting and does not affect the absence of President Jalal Talabani to the meeting, explained that the National Alliance to see written in the (requirements of the State after the withdrawal phase), adding that The Preparatory Committee will not only one session and will continue to the end of this month and early next month will see the National Conference of the year.

The Rais Jalal Talabani and parliament speaker Osama Najafi agreed during a meeting held in the province of Sulaymaniyah, on 27 December 2011, a national conference of all political forces to address issues related to governance and the state and to develop solutions to the crisis has, in rejection of the National Alliance Conference held in Kurdistan He emphasized the need to take place in Baghdad and called for his support and keep the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi for politicization.

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, Wednesday, (January 18 cur) three options in the event of failure of the National Conference scheduled to be held by the political forces soon, is that the National Alliance nominate a new prime minister instead of Nuri al-Maliki is capable and qualified to manage the affairs of the country assisted by the Council of Ministers have the minister competent and away from the quotas of political sectarianism, and the formation of a new government is preparing for early elections bear the responsibility to regulate fairly and respect the Constitution and a law of justice, equality, and the revival of the principle of peaceful transfer of power to become a House of Representatives effectively with the need for an opposition representative not less important and effective for government and be responsible for political action.