Deputy announces the launch of the State of the Kurdistan region of site online


MP from the Kurdistan Alliance announced Biriwan Khilani, Saturday, the launch site "state of the Kurdistan region" on the internet, considering it as the first step in the construction of a Kurdish state.
Khilani said in a statement, "I congratulate the provincial government and the Kurdish people and the founding of the State of the launch site of the Kurdistan region on the global Internet network," saying it "first official step in the construction of a Kurdish state."
She added that "This move will have a significant role in promoting economic activity and tourism, political and sports and cultural through the Internet, which has become the whole world's population gathered in one place", expressing "appreciation for the efforts of the Government of the Territory and its positive steps in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and infrastructure especially in the field of e-governance. "
The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani stressed, earlier on Sunday, that the previous obstacles to the independence of Kurdistan were removed and the right of the Kurds to have their state, as pointed out that the province is trying to form an army in accordance with the international standards.