23 trillion dollars of Iraqi oil Getaway to Trkiya..ostrdadha value requires an international complaint

Special scales News - It revealed the MP for the coalition of state law, high Nassif, Saturday, and there are approximately 23 trillion dollars of oil money smuggled across the province of Kurdistan in Turkey, demanding the government open the file and lodge a complaint with the International Criminal Court to recover the money.

Nassif said L / scales News / "The reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi focused on scaling costs and expenses any administrative and financial reforms and therefore reducing its ministries and reducing the protections will achieve nothing compared to the deficit existing in the Iraqi budget," adding that "the Abadi resort to open important files and that including the money from oil smuggled by the Kurdistan region to Turkey amounting to 23 trillion dollars, which recognizes the Kurds approximately 17% of them. "

And demanded the MP for the coalition of state law, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "work to open the file and the need to address the International Criminal Court to recover the money from the Turkish government as it Iraqi oil money and all that escapes through Kurdistan because of the federal government," noting that "the best choice for Ebadi reforms in the work to recover the money smuggled abroad for billions being recovered and that will fill the budget deficit completely. "

The "informed source revealed that people link them with the Kurdistan Regional Government to buy Iraqi oil from Daash terrorist elements in the city of Mosul and sold to smugglers and traffickers oil Turks".

The source told / scales News / "Some organization Daash leaders running the smuggling and sale of oil operations from the fields of Alekiarp and star oilfields caught in the south of the city of Mosul areas," he said, "they have hired some people Kurds from the Kurdistan region working in the field of oil, and they started the process of selling and smuggling Oil Kurdish people to others they link the provincial government. "

It is said that "the Kurdistan Regional Government embarked on the sale of the region's oil without reference to the federal government in Baghdad and convert oil revenues directly to the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Government of the Territory" .anthy / 29 / d 24