Maliki: We collected signatures for accountability and Barzani peshmerga officers on the fall of Sinjar

Twilight News / said a coalition of state law, he will collect signatures to refer the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to the fall of the judiciary on charges of Sinjar.

Controlled organization "Daash" terrorist on the regions of Sinjar on the third of August last year, two months after enable them to invade Mosul and sudden withdrawal of Iraqi security forces, which, while Alپeshmrگh forces launched military operations to regain control of the region during which he managed to free large parts of them and recovered part of the the city and the other part, however, the terrorists still.

The MP said the state law Haider Mawla stated in an interview for Twilight News, "We started with a number of members of the House of Representatives to collect signatures to bring to justice on charges of Barzani fall of Sinjar and delivered to Daash terrorist organization".

"The signatures will be submitted next week, with a formal letter to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to refer Barzani and a number of Peshmerga officers and those responsible for the fall of Sinjar and commit a massacre against our brothers Yazidis."