Parliamentary Agriculture offered to Ebadi proposals to develop the sector and address the release of the Euphrates

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - and sent to the Committee on Agriculture and Water parliamentary formal letter to the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi contains proposals and strategic plans for the development of the agricultural sector and address the problems related to water with bullets in the Euphrates River Basin.

The President of the Committee on Agriculture and Water parliamentary Furat al-Tamimi earlier, the presence of the Ministry of Agriculture's decision to ban import of agricultural products that are available locally to protect the national product and support for the agricultural sector and the protection of hard currency.

The head of the Committee Furat al-Tamimi's (IMN) "The proposals and plans contained in the book submitted to the prime minister includes steps to reform the agricultural sector and its development and to address the scarcity of water in the Euphrates River basin, especially in the center and south."

Tamimi said that "the most prominent of these proposals is to conclude an agreement with the Turkish side to increase water releases of the Euphrates River and compel the Ministry of Agriculture to support farmers in the use of modern machinery for irrigation, agriculture and the implementation of the irrigation work projects by the Ministry of Water Resources, as well as support the ministries of oil and electricity in the trend towards activating and improving the sector electricity by increasing the share of electricity and fuel for agricultural projects. "

Tamimi called on the government and the Foreign Ministry to coordinate with neighboring countries to increase water basins launch of the Tigris and Euphrates, warning that the decline in the share of Iraq established in the Euphrates River to 200 cubic meters per second threatens environmental disaster.

The MP in the parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Abdul Hadi Mohan earlier, that Iraq has become more of importing agricultural products from countries due to a lack of basic materials that help in agriculture and the creation of agricultural fields.