Araji (time): the vote on the Investment Law during the week

- AUGUST 21, 2015

Jubouri calls for the adoption of the draft of the National Guard

Araji (time): the vote on the Investment Law during the week

BAGHDAD - Qusay Munther

Expected to head the National Investment Commission Sami al-Araji, the House vote on the investment law in a week, pointing out that the law last with amendments will help facilitate the work of investors in addition to the creation of an attractive investment environment, while House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called on political forces to approve the National Guard Law to be in support Objectively fighters and to ensure their rights.

They said (time) yesterday that (investment law is of great significance in Thiah a good environment to attract investment, companies and businessmen of the country as well as it will contribute to facilitating the investors) work.

Adding that the (amendments to the draft law will help in adding new resources of the country and lead to employment that contributes to the development of the national economy).

He explained that the (adjustments have been made to the law for the second time before the period before it sends to the provinces and ministries to add views and ideas of it, also sent to the Council of Ministers and the State Consultative to read it once and for all), adding (this year added new articles of the law on the part of developers to facilitate the work of investors ).

He was a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary proof Mamouri had expected to raise investment law to the House of Representatives in the next few days, and explained that (the Commission is to lift the law for the purpose of voting on it in the next few days), adding that (there are important proposals for the advancement of economic reality in the country).

Mamouri said in a statement that (the committee the economy is serious in its work, we have held intensive meetings concerning some important laws, particularly to support public and private sectors and manufacturers, including the self-financing companies that once covered the country with local products all).

In the meantime, al-Jubouri called on the political forces of the National Guard to approve the law in order to support the fighters and to ensure their rights.

He said in a speech during the liberation of western Anbar Conference (with the people of Anbar security forces are able to fight the battle of liberation after providing weapons and training to prepare for this battle which is about to begin, after the complete support required).

Intensive meetings

Adding (newer claim the support does not stop when the weapon is equipped with updated and it includes matters of substance, particularly the approval of the National Guard Law, which will form the foundation block to save the rights of the fighters).

Furthermore, al-Jubouri discussed with the delegation the parliamentary bloc, the National Coalition for ways to support the reform process and coordinate positions with the legislation of laws.

According to his press office that (the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in the political and security situation faced by the country, in addition to the conduct of the legislative process and the importance of uniting efforts and coordinate positions to speed up the enactment of laws that affect the lives of citizens),.

Adding that (the meeting also included a search of the reform process in accordance with the packs, parliamentary and governmental reform).

According to the statement, they (the coalition delegation presented a vision for the conduct of the reform process and his observations in this regard).