National: the presence of al-Maliki confirms its support for the reforms Abadi and ~
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Thread: National: the presence of al-Maliki confirms its support for the reforms Abadi and ~

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    National: the presence of al-Maliki confirms its support for the reforms Abadi and ~

    National ..althalv the presence of al-Maliki confirms its support for the reforms Abadi and "spoilers hit with an iron fist."

    Baghdad-Iraq Press Yep -21 / August: National Alliance leaders announced on Friday, their support for the reforms launched by the Iraqi prime minister the leader of the Alliance Haider al-Abadi, calling for "strike with an iron on the spoilers."

    Hzha meeting came at a time close to the al-Abadi said, he was "under pressure from within his own party in relation to the last of its decisions, especially the decision to isolate al-Maliki of the position of vice president, as some of them call him to benefit from the momentum of the protests and the formation of a new stream."

    Office of the Prime Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in a statement seen by / Iraq Press /, "Prime Alliance Foreign Minister al-Jaafari chaired a meeting of the leaders of the National Alliance in his office in Baghdad on Tuesday in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Nuri al-Maliki, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, and Hadi al-Ameri , and Hussain al-Shahristani, and Prince Kanani, and Ammar Tohme, and Khaled al-Asadi, and Faleh al-Fayad, "noting that," The meeting included several topics, including the battles waged by the Iraqi people on the battlefield against terrorist Daash gangs, and has hosted the leaders of the popular crowd to stand on the field developments and providing detailed explanation, and look at the needs of all the crowd to raise the momentum of the battle. "

    The statement also stressed "the need to respond to national events as a democratic manifestation, and interact with the legitimate demands that reflect the needs of the people, and support the reforms made by the government, and give them sufficient time to achieve these reforms."

    He added: "National Alliance urged the government to continue where aware of the nature of the challenges facing the country, especially the drop in oil prices, which requires the state to increase sources of income through the diversity of these sources, as well as encouraging the private sector and promote it."

    He pointed to his support of the National Alliance "parliamentary reform package, he urged the House of Representatives to continue to age more related to building state institutions, or of meeting the needs of the citizen legislation."

    The National Alliance, also said "the need to support the reforms undertaken by the judiciary, and the declaration of such reforms to the public, to see, and to support the judiciary in combating corruption, and beatings with an iron fist on the spoilers, and keeping away from the politicization of the judiciary".

    And rallied MPs block the rule of law and the Dawa Party in Baghdad airport after, appeared last Wednesday, to receive al-Maliki, in a sign of solidarity with their leader to, and to the emergence of a two-front conflict could within the Dawa Party.

    According to sources close to the al-Abadi, said that "the prime minister does not think now in dissent nor undo the reforms, and will not seek to raise Maliki's name from the list of defendants fall of Mosul," .anthy (1)
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