Bloomberg: Abadi trying to combine my strength the US and Iran to fight Daash
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Thread: Bloomberg: Abadi trying to combine my strength the US and Iran to fight Daash

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    Bloomberg: Abadi trying to combine my strength the US and Iran to fight Daash

    Bloomberg: Abadi trying to combine my strength the US and Iran to fight Daash

    21/08/2015 13:40

    Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: US publishing site Bloomberg, an article about the repercussions of the US nuclear deal Iran on Iraq, the article noted the Iraqi prime minister is trying to gather my strength and Washington and Tehran to fight al Daash.

    Also article highlighted the role of prime minister Haider al-Abadi, which seeks to combine the Iranian and American forces to fight terrorist Daash gangs, came article as follows: took the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, a harsh steps himself to rid the consequences of his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, in the latest step witnessed the country , as a result of the emergence of parliamentary report on the fall of the city of Mosul, as the report gave the blame on al-Maliki and a number of political leaders and the military, after the fall of the city, however, terrorists "Daash".

    As is known, the report will be forwarded to the prosecutor, and this means that Abadi unwilling to prosecute al-Maliki, officially, but noted in a statement issued from his office to disown the report.

    Given that al-Maliki won broad support on a local had not been done previously Abadi, as well as Iran's support, but the United States has forced al-Maliki to step down, and it is not surprising that these days Abadi consolidates his power by al-Maliki cleanse and thoroughly prosecuted.

    Step that you want America today difficult to some extent, because they want the emergence of al-Abadi leader able to change the account al-Maliki.

    This mobility of the US, could be understood as the implications between Washington and Tehran over its nuclear their agreement, so America wants to stand by actors regional Arab region but far from the figures do not want, such as al-Maliki, and this case reflects the darkness of regional policy in the light of Iran's agreement with the US on nuclear program.

    Was seen to al-Maliki by the Sunni community and the United States together, as a president loyal to Iran, today Abadi is pursuing a new approach is consistent with the United States closely, taking into account the Iraqi interests with Iran and the preservation of Iraq's multi-sectarian, but the question most prominent Now, you give the Iranians Maliki?

    The report emphasizes, that al-Maliki was involved in the fall of Mosul and gave orders to the military to withdraw from the city. So the reason for failure of Maliki, is the loyalty of his army, and was convinced the idea, that the Sunni community trying to overthrow him, while the community itself was suffering and the reality of frustration like the former prime minister in the years of his rule, they consider that runs Iraq on behalf of Iran, and eventually when I arrived Things to dominance terrorists "Daash" to the city of Mosul, is the result of bad policies.

    Abadi far does not actively clearly better than al-Maliki, in his reign also the city of Ramadi fell to the terrorists "Daash", following the withdrawal of security forces, including, it seems that Stratejathma trying to take the greater of US-Iranian cooperation.

    And on "US-Iranian" cooperation that wants Abadi together, she managed to embrace the Shiite armed groups in light of the Iraq war against terrorists "Daash", during the slow pace of US aid to Iraq, and believed, that the parties to on the nuclear program, would increase the cooperation of Iraq, as evidenced in Abadi last June when he traveled to Iran, the supreme leader to urge continued support against al "Daash".

    In hearings Austria conference, also pressure Abadi on the US side to increase support for his country, calling, make extra efforts to train the Iraqi army, and welcomed to send more Alamerreqian advisers who do not have the problem in cooperation with the Shiite armed groups in the military operations coordination.

    Iraqi Prime Minister too, trying to combine the Iranian and American two times in defeat militants "Daash," but he knows very well, it will not be the defeat of such a regulation without, forming a Sunni Arab force and most likely that he personally would not be able to produce so powerful, so he wants to get assist the parties in this case, or in other words, the Abadi wants to take advantage of US-Iranian interests in Iraq to overcome the organization "Daash".

    The biggest problem in Iraq, that the United States wants to defeat militants "Daash" and Iran as well, but the latter do not want an Iraq multi-confessional, while the United States supports it not for citizenship, but for achieving "balance of violence", and creating a buffer zone against Iran, and this one the effects of the US Iran's nuclear agreement on Iraq.
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