Sistani warns of the division of Iraq in the event of Abadi has not been implemented real reform

Fri Aug 21 2015
00:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad warned Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the risk of "splitting" Iraq unless the Government Haider al-Abadi did not go in the implementation of "real reform" to the fight against corruption, in response to questions, told Agence France Press. The prime minister Haider al-Abadi announced on August 9 / current reform package approved by parliament, after weeks of demonstrations and Sistani's call the prime minister to be more aggressive against corruption and implement additional reforms. Sistani said: "Today, if real reform has not been achieved During the anti-corruption relentlessly and social justice at various levels, it is expected to get worse than the situation before, perhaps drawn into what does not wish for any Iraqi lover to his homeland of the division and the like, God forbid, "according to Mr. al-Sistani told AFP office said response questions directed at him. The position of the latest reference Shiite, who enjoys balance in Iraqi politics, the most prominent warning of the dangers that may arranged stalled reform process. He stressed al-Sistani that "the foremost authority has long called for a fight against corruption and reform of government institutions and improve public services, and warned more than once from the consequences of procrastination and so on." "In recent weeks to perform the patience of many Iraqis, and protested against the poor conditions in the country, and called for reformed, the religious authority found that the time is propitious strong in this direction to push through the emphasis on the officials - led by the Prime Minister in his capacity as CEO in the country - to take a serious and deliberate steps to combat corruption and achieve social justice. "Sistani had called Abadi 7 August / August to be "more daring and courage" in the reform and the fight against corruption, in what was considered a dose of support for the weeks of popular demonstrations rallies in Baghdad and other areas, demanded reform and accountability of corrupt and improve the level of public services. He urged the Shiite cleric at the time the Prime Minister should not only "some minor steps" and to take "important decisions and strict procedures in the field of anti-corruption and social justice." On 9 August / August, the government approved a package of reforms to fight corruption, approved by parliament two days later, adding her parliamentary Pack said House Speaker Salim Jubouri it is "complementary" to government reforms, and seized some of their content within the framework of "the Constitution and the law." Abadi said last week that the process of reform and the fight against corruption "will not be easy," and that those affected will work hard "to sabotage every step."

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