Najib: the expectations of the International Monetary compatible with the new financial reforms
10:49 GMT
Baghdad-and Reet- - said a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, Najiba Najib, said that the new projections announced by the International Monetary Fund to increase Iraq's economic growth rate until the end of this year by 0.5% in line with reforms aimed at reducing operating expenses package.
Najib added that "the International Monetary Fund had urged Iraq to continue to find ways to reduce operating expenses and enhance capital expenditures to raise the rate of economic growth", noting that "the expectation high rate of economic growth in Iraq for the next phase of the output of the reforms adopted by the government which included the cost-cutting package operational ".

Najib explained that "the new procedure adopted by the government and containing the increase non-oil revenues Ktfiel various levies file, and activating the micro-economic projects launched her five trillion dinars by the Central Bank will contribute to increase the rate of economic growth."