Picture: the launch of the bank will cut 6 trillion of relying on budget

Baghdad-and Reet- - A member of the management board of the Central Bank, Majid picture, on Thursday, said that the amount of six trillion dinars, which the central bank decided to launch the government and private banks will activate the internal labor market and reduce its dependence on the budget.
And she said the picture, that "the amounts that the central bank decided to launch within his plan to stimulate the Iraqi market, a five trillion dinars to support the industrial, commercial and real estate sector banks, in addition to the trillion dinars for private banks to finance small and medium enterprises Ststhm in the revitalization of the reality of the Iraqi economy due to confusion due to the financial crisis." .

Suri said that "there are attempts of corruption mafias to control the money they were fired," adding that "the reforms proposed by the government should take the way of the application in the fight against corruption mafias."