The provisions of imprisonment and a fine of 4msaolin in the Rafidain and North convicted of corruption

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -20 August / August: issued specialized issues of integrity and money laundering misdemeanor court, on Thursday, prison terms and a fine against 4 a third of them from the Rafidain Bank and fourth bankers officials from the North Bank after being convicted on corruption charges, while confirming that these provisions were in the presence of convicted in court.

A misdemeanor court judge Radhi Fartusi in a statement, "The court issued decisions imprisonment and a fine of four accused in various cases related to corruption," adding, that "the director of contracts department and an expert in the Rafidain Bank convicted of holding a suspicious deal with a Jordanian company regarding printing magnetic instruments" .

He said Fartusi, that "the value of the contract amounted to 2.0004 million thousand dollars while Jordan ten thousand Jordanian dinars capital of the company did not exceed the established was only about a year," asserting that "the investigation confirmed the completion of printing process in Iraq and not in Jordan as it was agreed upon."

He pointed Misdemeanor Court judge to "lack of specialized devices to read this type of instruments in the country does not need to be printed," noting that "the defendants They refer to the Jordanian deal about the company directly without going through the legal procedures for contracting operations."

He Fartusi, that "the second case in which a former director of the Rafidain Bank / Branch pratha convicted by granting loans and fake to the unemployed and the Iraqi foreign currencies", pointing out, "The third issue one North Bank Customers convicted liberalization instruments in the amount of about one billion dinars to complete the washing process money. "

The cover of integrity judge, "The convicts were present in court."

The Public Prosecution in Iraq announced the eighth of August 2015 this, for directing uncles to government institutions to inform them about crimes and misdemeanors related to public money and corruption, and as pointed out that this directive for the purpose of taking action against those crimes legal action, demanded to provide the Presidency of the public prosecution documents and evidence all.

The Rafidain Bank, a State-owned banks in Iraq, was founded in the forties of the last century and has more than 146 branches in Iraq and more than eight branches in Arabiyh.anthy countries (1)