Tohme receives Vice President of the United Nations mission and emphasizes the amendment of the electoral system as an essential step for the reform of the political process

MP for the National Alliance Ammar Tohme, Thursday, on the importance of commitment to transparent mechanisms of preventive censorship and legislation laws, including deterrent punishments to senior officials who commit corrupt administratively or financially, calling that are not limited sanctions on penal sanctions, but added its sanctions deprivation of political action for certain periods or for life according to the nature of the offense committed. A statement from the office Tohme received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "Tohme received deputy representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq Georgi Posten," noting that "The meeting focused on the research and evaluation of government and parliamentary reforms and ways to ensure the completion and implementation, especially that some of the reforms require legislation laws depends approval to support political forces and parliamentary blocs. " He suggested Tohme that "associations and non-participation in the government holds the SAIs officials nomination to ensure the independence and stay away from political polarization process." He said Tohme to "the importance of addressing the root causes of the political failure to amend the election law to provide equal opportunities and respect the will of the voters and neglected, and at the same time to be a review of the way the formation of the Authority or the Commission responsible for conducting elections and oversight of integrity so as to ensure the independence of the composition and keep it away from political influences. " The two sides stressed "the importance of concerted political forces efforts to achieve harmonious reforms with the demands of the the public in accordance with the constitutional procedures ". End