"Tencent" China accounts for $ 50 million share of the "cake" Canadian

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acquired company "Tencent" Chinese giant Internet services to share $ 50 million from the company "Keck Interactive" Canadian applications of mobile phones messages. And competing company "Cake," which is based in Ontario-based, other messages such as "Watts August" and services "Snape Chat" or application "Facebook Messenger". And focus the company "Tencent" Chinese products on the Internet, including online sales, social networking and service messages "Wei Chat" the most popular in China. Canadian company hopes that this investment will help to strengthen the competitiveness of the company and the success of the simulation "Wei Chat" application in North America. Canadian application and enjoys great popularity among teenagers, and looking for a strategic partner for some time.
The company says that 70 percent of its users totaling 240 million people aged between 13 and 24 years, and that 40 percent of adolescents in the United States using the application of the "cake" on their smart phones.

She said Ted Livingston founder of "Cake" and CEO of her that "young people in the United States make up a large group that has unmet needs in this regard, and can not think of the best of this group can be built upon."

Livingston said that the company "Tencent" is the best partner because the messages "Wei Chat" affiliate service does not allow users to communicate with friends only, but it also offers other options such as shopping and asked the taxi and play.

And wrote a commentary on a blog, "it was clear that they understood Chat deeply, making it a great destination," he says.

The estimated "Tencent" Canadian investment company's value by more than a billion dollars.